FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT with Maryia Ramanava

Get a FREE photoshoot voucher worth CHF200 with every purchase over CHF75 on! (*)

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the fantastic Geneva-based photographer Maryia Ramanava!

We love Maryia's work and the way she is able to capture connections and true emotions in every shot, while putting everyone at ease and turning each photoshoot in a relaxed and fun experience! 

 (*) Offer terms and conditions:
  1. Your child will have to wear at least one of the items purchased from ToBiTo' during part of the photoshoot. In case of a pregnancy photoshoot, you will have to incorporate at least one article into the composition.
  2. You will have to sign a model release form to agree that at least one of the images may be used for a promotional purpose on ToBiTo' Kids’ website and/or our social media platforms. If you wish to keep your and/or your child’s identity protected, the promotional picture can be shot from such an angle, that the child’s and parents’ faces will not be visible or recognizable.
  3. Offer is valid until the end of June 2018.
  4. For full terms&conditions or any queries regarding the photoshoot, please visit or contact Maryia directly at